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END 05/06 Feign To Delight Gaiety Of Gods by Shalabi Effect

Will Eizlini: percussion,violin,keyboards,synth,samples
John Heward: drums,voice
Anthony Von Seck: guitars,setar,keyboards,synth
Osama Shalabi: electric guitar,oud,keyboards,synth
Alexandre St-Onge: electric & acoustic bass,keyboards,synth,voice

Jason Sharp: baritone & bass saxophone
Josh Zubot: violin & viola
Philemon Girouard: alto saxophone
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic: vocals
Patrick Conan: drums

  1. feign to delight gaiety of gods
  2. cum duster (tempting gods)
  3. prenatal coat hanger memory
  4. born again lesbians
  5. chicken wings
  6. empathy box
  7. skulls for stars
  8. love hertz
  9. john heward

Total duration: 56:20

  1. sigmund droid
  2. beauty queen crime scene
  3. ambien walrus
  4. a fine state of fez
  5. white phosphorus christmas

Total duration: 60:18

Recorded by Shalabi Effect, Engineered by Radwan Moumneh & Anthony Von Seck, Mixed by Radwan Moumneh
Mastered by Harris Newman, Greymarket Mastering
500 editions
© 2012